レドックス(Redox)とは、英語のReduction (還元)とOxidation (酸化)を合わせた言葉で、日本語では「酸化還元」を表します。具体的には、電子や水素原子、水素化物イオンの受け渡しを伴う化学反応がレドックス反応で、光合成や細胞呼吸をはじめとする生命活動において重要な役割を果たしています。

Quantum chemistry of bio-related redox reactions
Redox means reduction and oxidation reactions, in which the transfer of electrons, hydrogen atoms, or hydride ions occurs, and plays a pivotal role in biological reactions, such as photosynthesis, cell respiration and so on.
Our research group aims to elucidate the mechanisms for bio-related redox reactions, especially for generating and scavenging of reactive oxygen species and related radicals at molecular and quantum levels, using physicochemical techniques.